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International Mutual Funds

Is it worth investing in these international mutual funds to diversify risk? My thinking is it isnt, the United States companies are already operate internationally and growth/declines in those markets will also be shown in the US markets. However foreign countries are less business focused and have historically underperformed the US markets. Basically my point is, when we have a recession so do other countries we just have more growth. Now there is obviously some level of diversification but is that worth it to have this be a portion of your portfolio? I would love if you could answer this in one of your videos, I think it fits pretty well with the series you are making right now. 

Side note: I was thinking of throwing some "fun" money into a Vietnam mutual fund because they are currently having annual GDP growth rates of 7% and are taking a similar path that china did to becoming a superpower. Not saying Vietnam will be a superpower but I believe their economy transforming could be very promising. I dont know enough about international economics nor Vietnam itself to make an actual position. Curious on your opinions.
Advice for a 17 yo Pursuing a Business Career?

Here is a little background info before I ask my questions as it provides context
Im going into my senior year in high school and im taking my steps towards a business career much more seriously. I am pursuing a relatively high tier business job not just an average accountant, but also not a CFO or CEO as I dont think im a good enough leader for those roles. While im not set on a career I am more of leaning towards portfolio manager or high net worth financial manager. I am going to got to my local Junior College then transfer to a 4 year, as from what I have heard is that employers dont really care much about the name of the college past getting your first job where they will care much more about job experience and I figured I would save myself the headache of 30-50k in student loans and network and get job experience in college and come out in the same spot. I have heard differing opinions on that but from what I have gathered that is what I perceive as true/best option for me. I have been interested in learning finance and have been set on this career path since I was 13/14 and have been actively investing my money from my part time job for the last year now and have already become somewhat knowledgeable on balance sheets, income statements 10ks/10qs and overall evaluation of companies the same goes for personal finance. Im by no means an expert but I do feel as if I have an above average knowledge on these subjects especially in my age bracket (hate saying it like im bragging about that but im just trying to give a gauge on where im at)
Here are some of my questions
  1. Once I complete High School what job do I get while in college and where do I look for it? An internship would likely have to be paid as I will still have expenses unless its low hours and idk where to look for an entry level job that provides networking and job experience. The only idea I have is a bank teller as that is entry level "finance" job and has contact with financial advisors although if I were to be one I would like to work for the high end clients not the average person (sounds pretentious but idk how else to put it).
  2. What do I do now? Do I continue learning and investing or should I actively seek out and network with people if so how do I go about that? Im not 18 yet so I doubt anybody will hire me and I wont be 18 until after high school so I have to wait to legally not be considered a minor for working until next summer.
  3. How am I doing for my age (17) for achieving my career goals do you think im on track? Ahead behind? dont be afraid to give criticism I can take it.
  4. What specific jobs would you recommend, please leave the reasoning as well, pros/cons. My ideas so far are analyst, portfolio manager, and financial advisor (maybe investment banker but that might be to far out of reach and for people much smarter than I am as well as too high stress to continue for decades). I dont like jobs like a CPA or accountant as I like the investing aspect of the jobs and while im totally willing to work long days and weeks I would prefer to enjoy doing it and to not burnout in my 20s/30s.
Anyways thanks for any help or advice you could give I truly appreciate it.
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