Audie Murphy

Investing in Greater Things.
Most importantly, I’m a husband, father, and grandfather. My past involves a well-established real estate practice that my wife runs now. I’ve been an advisor at a large firm, and I’ve become disillusioned with the entire industry.
Well, since I slipped in through the back door before the party started, I might as well kick off introductions.

I find the whole world of investing fascinating and engaging.  To me, I could study and test these things all day long.  Over time, I’ve come to many of the same convictions that Stephen talks about.

That has created a conundrum for me, because I’m an advisor in my day job.  And I’m stuck using a very strict implementation of the Modern Portfolio Theory.  I was one of those “30 day wonders” that went from no experience to building portfolios with real money within a matter of weeks.  I quickly realized I wasn’t educated, just trained to bring assets into the firm.

So now I’m rethinking my goals and aspirations.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life, even during a few years when I had a real job.

I have some military service in my background, hence the handle I’m using—Audie Murphy.  If you google Audie, you’ll find he’s a bad ass.  Hopefully someday I’ll live up to the name!

I’m looking forward to learning a whole lot more and determining which direction in which to set my sails.

Make today awesome, ya’ll!
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