Jaskirat Singh

Hey everyone i am a student, Studying in 12th grade, I have a great curiosity on business, investing, science and technology of you can say "everything". I like to learn and share my views on vast number of topics


Is at&t stock a buy?
what are your views on it?
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Danone StockπŸ’Ή

Danone is a multinational food corporation based in Europe. Headquarters in france , It is one of the biggest company in dairy segment and the company runs it's operations in more than 120 countries and it's products are very health conscious. I checked it's stock price it's trading at 56 euros and it has a nice dividend yield, And it's stock price is low 30% and on the other hand Unilever is up 16% from what it was a year ago and Nestle is up 0.13 compared to what it was year ago (September 2019)

and danone has a better pe ratio and it performed better in sales comapred to nestle and Unilever.

So please check and tell me if it's a good investment and why is it's stock price falling compared to other two comapnies?Β 
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