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New Video!

Our latest video just went live. Not a super sexy subject, but I bet you'll find some of the numbers and calculations in there interesting. Also, I'm building here—this is video 3 of an 8-part series. This series is effectively "Myth 1" from my Stop Investing Like They Tell You revision. I'd love to know what you think!

Financial Topics of Interest...

Hey there, everyone! I know there are only a few of you in here right now, but I'd love to know what subjects interest you the most—what value would you like to gain from a financial-focused community such as this?

Which Index Have You Seen 'Experts' Use?

The first time I heard someone use the Dow Jones Industrial Average to prove that the stock market wasn't that good of a place to grow your money, I think I may have strained my eyes I rolled them so hard! 🙄

It was from a guy (whom I otherwise respect) pitching the Infinite Banking Concept (a great strategy—I believe people can fit both into their holistic financial plans).  I just wish people weren't compelled to bend the truth just to fit their current way of thinking.

You saw my most recent post, right? Depending on the index, time period, and dividend considerations used, you could end up with a historical average annual stock market return anywhere from 5.7% all the way to 12.1%!

Factor in actual versus average returns and fees (topics we'll explore in the coming weeks) and you could get that 5.7% historical figure down another few percentage points.

Have you ever noticed any misrepresentations or outright manipulations like this?
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