Brody Boston

Infinite Banking Specialist

Brody Boston - Introduction

Hey Everybody!

My name is Brody Boston. I work alongside Stephen Spicer and share a vision for how Spicer Capital can continue to evolve to help people reach their financial goals. 

Before partnering with Stephen I worked in financial services, primarily selling life insurance and leading a small team of agents. However, I didn't feel like I was best serving those I worked with and pursued further education to change that. 

That's where I met Stephen. 

There I was introduced to infinite banking as a better solution to debt elimination. I moved down to Fayetteville, Arkansas from Iowa shortly after to pursue a grander vision with Stephen.

I have spent the better half of the last 12 months researching and exploring further implications of infinite banking. Throughout this time frame, I have been helping people utilize infinite banking to achieve their short term goals and put them in a better position in the long run.

Stephen and I have had countless conversations about how we could best share our message and truly help our clients/community. 

We are just getting started and I am committed to providing as much information and value as possible and can't wait to interact with all of you! 

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